It doesn’t matter if you’ve found your first patch or have lived with vitiligo for years, we’ve all asked the same questions: Where did it come from? Why do I have vitiligo? How do I get rid of it?

At one time or another, we’ve also had our own goals to answer some of the questions we have about vitiligo. Even to try and understand what caused vitiligo, find out what makes it tick and learn what treatments there are.

Whether we hate or love our patches, one thing is certain. It’s vitiligo and it’s difficult to live with.

We also know it’s a part of us – and although many of us hope for re-pigmentation, we know it can be a slow and often unsuccessful challenge.

But, there is some good news. Although only one in ten people have vitiligo – over 50m people worldwide have it. There’s no reason to feel alone.

History of Vitligo Project

My name is Liz Tyler and I founded Vitiligo Project in 2010. It all started as a personal journey of living with vitiligo but didn’t take long to grow into something much bigger.

It was initially a place for myself to let off steam, cope. It was also a place for friends, family and anybody else who was interested to read and follow what it’s like to live with the condition that is vitiligo.

In short, I found it hard to get the advice and support I needed to accept my vitiligo and understand what was happening to my skin. Over time Vitiligo Project had grown into a place for others with vitiligo to find support and it’s now a social community that aims to continue to help people with vitiligo to learn to accept it and help people who don’t understand it, to get to know what it is.

You’ll find medical news, research developments and fresh insights here – if there is anything you’d like to see, just get in touch.