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Vitiligo Awareness – join the movement

In 2011, we launched a campaign to raise the awareness of vitiligo across Facebook.

Facebook has over 845 million monthly active users. The number of people with vitiligo worldwide is just 50 million. If we can connect with just 1% of these people, we’d be reaching thousands – and raising the awareness of vitiligo globally.

Getting involved is easy and simple: Like the Vitiligo Awareness page

World Vitiligo Day

What is World Vitiligo Day?

World Vitiligo Day is the global Awareness Day for Vitiligo.

It’s a day that many organisations are working hard to raise the awareness of. It aims to spread the word about vitiligo, gaining awareness of the disorder and increasing support for those with it – something that is lacked in all countries.

When is it?

It is celebrated globally on June 25th every year.

Why June 25th?

This date has been proposed in memory of Michael Jackson – one of the most well-known vitiligo sufferers. VITSAF has argued that he was widely misunderstood and mocked about a condition he had no control over – and for that, believe its time to show people the real vitiligo, it’s effect and what it’s like for the millions of people who actually have it.

What can you do to help?

You can help by supporting VITSAF by getting involved in the campaign – as well as spreading the word and mustering up as much support as you can. Please click here to sign the petition.