Meet Rowdy, the viral Black Lab with vitiligo

We recently posted about a dog with vitiligo.

Not just any dog, though. A dog who was the subject of a Photoshop battle on Reddit. (If you missed it, read here.)

Shortly after we published the post, we wondered – who is the pooch? And we have found the answer.

This is Rowdy, and in fact, he does more for vitiligo than you know; not only is he a Black Labrador Retriever with vitiligo, but he is an official representative of the American Vitiligo Research Foundation and spends his time teaching children that it’s OK to be different.

Rowdy is 14-year-old however developed the skin condition one year ago when white patches appeared on his face. His owner, Niki Umbenhower from Canby, Oregon, said Rowdy had become a celebrity as a result of his new and unusual look. Reportedly, people are always stopping her on the street to ask her questions about Rowdy’s unusual facial markings.