BBC Radio 4 – All in the Mind (14th May 2013)

BBC Radio 4 – All in the Mind (14th May 2013) If you skip to about halfway through this program it looks into skin conditions and psychological help in the UK. The chairperson of the Vitiligo Society, Emma Rush, speaks about her own experience with Vitiligo . – fuckyeahvitiligo

Vitiligo Awareness on Facebook

It’s true – there are over 1 billion active users on Facebook. If just 1% ‘like’ or even see this page, we’ll be raising the awareness of vitiligo amongst millions. Please share on Facebook and help spread awareness of vitiligo.

Social: Meet, chat and inspire others with vitiligo

If you’re looking for a place where those with vitiligo, their family, and friends can share information and keep in touch, check out Vitiligo Friends – Make Friends, Share Healing Ideas, Inspire Hope

Perfectly Flawed: A Young woman’s purpose

Telisha Gibson is a 23 year old college student from Brooklyn New York. Like Many 23 year olds discovering and igniting their passions to make their Mark in the world, Telisha is using her marks to ignite her passion to illuminate and raise awareness for Vitligo research. Perfectly Flawed is an organisation started by Telisha…

How stress can bleach the colour of your skin

DAILY MAIL: Few people would expect that going ‘white with shock’ would lead to a permanent condition. But when Emma Rush sat for weeks on end at the bedside of her critically-ill newborn daughter Genevieve, the colour began to drain from her face, hands and arms — and it never came back. Read more

Football coach talks about his vitiligo

The Jets’ new D-line coach hasn’t let vitiligo stop him from achieving success. Karl Dumbar, a professional football team coach, has spoken about his vitiligo. Struggling with the disorder through his teens, ESPN has shared that he endured “countless stares, cruel nicknames, school fights and too many days in sweltering Louisiana heat” while covering up – to “conceal the sinister disease that…

Eye colour linked to vitiligo

New research has revealed eye colour could be linked to vitiligo. A study of nearly 3,000 non-Hispanic Americans of European descent has found people with blue eyes are less likely to have vitiligo. Researchers also identified 13 new genes that may  predispose people to the condition. Among the people studied with vitiligo: 27% had blue or gray eyes, compared with 52% of…

We need your support for World Vitiligo Day

We’re lucky to have several Not for Profit initiatives and organisations working hard to prepare for this year’s World Vitiligo Day. VITSAF, Vitiligo Society, VR Foundation, Vitinomics to name a few. But, the key thing in all this is support. To make this happen, we need your vote. If you haven’t already – please sign the…