Study: Do you have Vitiligo? Your help is needed

The HI-Light Vitiligo Trial is looking at whether using a hand held light therapy device at home combined with a topical steroid ointment would be an effective treatment for vitiligo.

Adults and children are needed to take part in The HI-Light Vitiligo Trial to test two home-based treatments – steroid cream and light treatment using a hand-held UVB light. The research team is looking for children (5 years and above) and adults with vitiligo across the UK to take part in the study. Research Centres in the North East of England include Middlesbrough James Cook Hospital and University Hospital of North Durham.

Volunteers will be given one of three combinations of treatment: A steroid cream and UVB light treatment, A placebo cream (containing no steroid) and UVB light treatment or A steroid cream and a dummy light (bulb that does not emit UVB light).

The study will involve five hospital visits over 9 months, but the treatment will be mainly carried out by the patient or carer in their own time at home. Patients will also be asked to complete a diary about their vitiligo and some questionnaires.

Find out more about the HI-Light study here.