Torchbearer supports Vit Awareness Day

We came across an article we really wanted to share today.

Dave Allemby, a member of Wombwell Sporting and Athletics Club is thrilled to hear he will be an Olympic flame torchbearer. He will carry the flame through Lundwood, South Yorkshire.

The date he will carry the flame? Monday, June 25. Vitiligo Awareness Day.

Coincidentally, Dave has suffered from Vitiligo for over 40 years – and as June 25th is Vitiligo Awareness Day, he aims to raise awareness of the auto-immune skin condition.

Dave will be mustering up support and raising funds through justgiving for the Vitiligo Society. Details of this are not yet available.

Dave’s tourchbearing duties are a part of a nationwide campaign, promoted by England Athletics, to give more people the opportunity to get involved during the Olympic and Paralympic year of 2012

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