VR Foundation to launch new vitiligo resources

VR Foundation, a philanthropic organisation that funds and fast-tracks medical research for vitiligo globally, has been working on new resources for vitiligo.

Over the next few months, it will launch two new resources for use by: 1) dermatologists and support groups, and 2) vitiligo patients, their families and their friends.

The resources will support both groups in their understanding of the disorder.

The Foundation is also set to launch a new handbook for dermatologists. The Vitiligo Q&A Handbook will provide detailed information about vitiligo and is due out this April. It will be available for download, and a limited number will be printed for VITSAF and support groups.


For more information about the VR Foundation, visit  vrfoundation.org. You can also get in contact with the Foundation and keep up with updates via Twitter.